Sunday, January 14, 2007

Upward and onward not downward and backward

Sun in an Empty Room (1963) - Edward Hopper

Maybe not the preeminent symbol of the sun of Voltaire, (with its luminous and lush stillness it appoaches an American transrational Light perhaps zen, much further up the Spiral than reason), but I love this painting - just came across a net image of it - had never seen this Hopper - gorgeous!

The sun of the European enlightenment (the age of reason) -

One of my favorite quotes to use as a signature in my posts around the net is the following one from Ray Harris at a very good site - Frank Visser's "Integral World" site (a good companion one to Ken Wilber's site - and to Integral Institute site

(you can be the judge in the "shootout" scrap they got into there) -

"We are seeing a return of the tyranny of religion. We must complete the task of the Enlightenment for once and all. Only when the Enlightenment is firmly established can we shift upward to a greater vision of humanity." - Ray Harris

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