Tuesday, January 09, 2007

msg to Dems in Congress

That's right - it's our failing "takeover" of Iraq and installing a puppet gov't and permanet 'security" bases there ) is/has been almost all to do with an oil grab and a hegemony (powergrab) play in the region, and NOW with internet speed of info sharing, it's becoming transparently so, or at least translucently so, so that it's harder to hide those articles recently in The U.K. Independent and other voices exposing what's behind the curtain.

No blood sacrifice for the enrichment of a few oil-a-garchs and Halliburton huns. Their day has been with us for 100 years - time for them to quit and go away - the planet will not sink to black climate catastophe, while these reactionaries play with their zillions.

Dems join the green future - it's not kooky or avant garde, anymore, it's CRITICAL FOR ECOLOGICAL AND MORAL and plain SURVIVAL reasons, not to mention a saner more peaceful progressing Planet/culture/society/life for all of us and our children

The Carbon Age is the Dark Age (of profiteering and lies ,too) - now,
It must pass to The Clean Renewable Energy Age - damn the old carbon oligarchs for retarding this for the last 30+ years.

Dems - Withhold funds - do it!

"The Independent" (UK) articles re "Spoils of War" 010709

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