Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Causal-Overmind-Formless Liberation Ultraviolet holon(/level)-Pre/Non Dual-Ultimate Supermind Clear Light full relased wholeMindBody Enlightenment

"When I am not an object, I am God. When I seek an object, I cease to be God, and that castrophe can never be corrected by more searching for more objects. Rather, I can only rest as the Witness, which is already free of objects, free of time, and free of searching. When I am not an object, I am Spirit. When I rest as the free and formless Witness, I am with God right now, in this timeless and endless moment. I taste infinity and am drenched with fullness, precisely because I no longer seek, but simply rest as what I AM."

- Ken Wilber, "The Eye of Spirit" (1997)

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