Wednesday, October 31, 2007

hidden message

1:44 AM 10/20/2007

any second-tier I do/am in will be able to view ALL parts of a situation
too see things from all points of view read

third tier sees things from NO point of view the

I don't know what fourth tier does but observe the arising and passing and rest in love-bliss ? book

11:58 PM 10/30/2007 "Big

The Holland Taylor-narrated "something trust" commercial (and having seen her act, am hoping that she stoops for cash here), is so emblamatic of the sour-egoism le sourgeousie? and contracted false = the status place to be has become - not enlightened
consolation-ville- well I didn't get the enlightenment, but I'm going to enjoy the best sensual diversions...boomers with their five homes and trust accounts and guarded communities and pretend you're happy suffocating but it's better than the regressed semi-tribal wild west out there guns and people without enough work.....tempers flaring with global heat - chaos and street justice or heavy law enforcement presence and incipient fascism - awful both - on the blend line as now I imagine for another 20 years - who knows? Heart,

****RE-WRITE ABOVE **** Big

It's all about getting dough and finding a most comfortable retreat to rest out the storm that seems to be the end of the boomer generation - the next 30 years or so, and the x'ers are getting the message and doing the same in their forties - and I guess everyone is scrambling or just has given uP? or down to a sour stressed level of a big mythic "community" church that's more like a country club for the nouveau upper middle with sadly not much choice to progress unless they come upon yoga and meditation. Mind".

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

depressing tue. redux

The corporation/company (most of them) only cares about monetary profit, competition, and larger market share and larger shareholder returns.

And this is what our best and brightest are being educated for and aspire to? O brave new pathological orange world that's FLATLAND.

The soul shrivels (contracts) - there's not room for it in the boardroom or the bedroom.

Pessimistic Tuesday night

The environment is tanking. Culprits: overpopulation, ignorance and greed. The average level of the planet is probably blue, more or less. The fact that the leading countries (Europe, Canada, and Aussie/NZ have done better), but the fact that the USA has regressed to pathological orange structurally (with plenty of path. red greed and path. imperalistic blue) and (pahtological?) or just low-level blue spiritually (I'd call it reaction since the 80s - reaction to postmodernism/the 60s) is a big factor. No leadership toward green and second-tier. Just greedy reaction.

I'm watching (parts of) CNN's "Planet in Peril". Pre-rational Chinese medicine is decimating endangered species including many higher mammals like bears and tigers. Pre-green industrialisation along with blue totalitarian anti-democratic government and corrupt orange economic structure is polluting China and the planet enormously. On and on....


"All of us are products of our environment" Anderson Cooper just said. Yes, and our envirnment is a "product" of us, also.

This new awarenewss of INTERdependence "uncoils", moves upward on the spiral, and awakens a new awareness and spirit of HOLISM that dramatically alters all our interactions: business/economic, artistic/interpersonal, conservationist/ecological, spiritual, inner/outer growth, loving energy replacing fear, -- I could go on - I've visualised it since 1969.

This simply can't be a first tier shit fo green from orange vMeme/levels, (which is) the traditional designation of environmental awareness.

It must be second tier (or yellow), because it recognizes the new tier of interdependence that is all-encompassing and that can see the first tier in all its levels.

I must be missing in my awareness/analysis some of the gradations in growth from green to yellow (first tier to second) - I know there's a quantum leap, also. I also know that I made that leap years ago, but haven't stayed there with all my lines certainly (and never got there with some of them, such as my 2nd chakra [sexual development]).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tragic irony of the day

Could there be a more tragic irony that the fast melting of the Arctic icecap is unleashing a race to grab all the oil beneath exacerbating global warming and turning the planet into a living hell even faster, by a planet stuck in (ok - unhealthy) orange, blue, and red?


I just went over to see what was up lately at "welcome to pottersville" blog. "On strike". Did JP get his knickers in a twist again, 'cause some progressive bigger-daddy blog rejecte another of his pieces? I wish he'd have more confidence in his abilities. I love reading and commenting at his blog. Hope he re-starts it. Maybe he's working on his novel, but "on strike" has the call of the wounded ego to it, unless there's a general intellectual strike against the coup I'm not aware of today.

Two new "pieces" (digital) drawings/paintings by me

Sunday, October 14, 2007

More musings for today

Having "free market" fundamentalist (unregulated) capitalism as our culture/society's primary (almost exclusive) value is like living in a suffocating society of competition and fear of death (the more I can acquire, the more immortal I'll become). It's 19th century, to put it kindly. It's also deeply reactionary - the planet's leading cultures/societies (or, at least the leaders of such)should be at green level now firmly there - some W. Europe ones are close, but here in the U.S. the dream has dampened since Reagan (and been fought against virulently by true blue imperial believers and red greedheads).

But enough blaming the conservatives - I do that plenty. I want to get back to considering the poverty of our lives spiritually in this culture now, and I want to say that a new modern/postmodern spirituality is desperately needed. Not a program for those who are ready for second-tier, but something to fill the gap between mythic and integral. New Age had elements; the pre-trans fallacy mucked it up, and Wilber would say part of that confusion was boomeritis narcissism which infected progress along the spiral.

I must find I.S. and read the chapter on the unfortunate (monumentally) void left when the European Enlightenment threw the baby of reglion/spirituality away with the bathwater of pre-rational dogma and orthodoxy.

But I want to get back to saying how alienated I think people are now, even the "Richistans" (the new rich class) with all their quality-of-life consolations.


Just saw that Russia is becoming an imperialistic militaristic plutocracy (they did the "shock economic" medicine, and millions are impoverished now, with a small but very rich plutocratic elite) - just as we are (from highly different places) - of course our democracy, mixed economy was so much better than communism (that's a blue level system). But things are going backwards with the great powers.


Joel Osteen's new book is coming out - I'm getting ready to watch his interview on "60 Minutes" - I think he is a self-esteem therapist healer, which is the orange spiritual project, actually - or a good part of it. It's what we were trying to do in t-groups in the 70s; now people get it from mega-churches, if they're not fundamenalist. Fine with me.

I'll edit the above later - I'm sure I'll need to.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm aligned with this mission

From (courtesy of)

I'm alligned with this mission - they say it can be achieved or substantially begin within a decade - I certainly hope so -

The Center for Human Emergence (CHE) will function as a global facilitator of the conscious evolution of the human species.

The Center for Human Emergence will be a major international force for encouraging and facilitating a conscious or "directed" cultural evolution in the world. It will operate on a number of levels, including understanding - in a far more comprehensive way than in the past - the cultural underpinnings that drive human behavior, and will be focused on unification rather than fragmentation, presuming that cooperation is more in line with the future we need than competition. CHE will thus find innovative solutions for some of the most complex problems facing the world today, encouraging the development of new tools for making sense of the change that surrounds us, as well as actively helping humanity to embrace new values and perspectives that could provide the framework for significant change.

The (CHE) will provide the foundation of a new international framework for facilitating the transition toward a new era for humanity that better addresses the most fundamental problems that we confront.

The Need

For centuries humanity has largely been reactive rather than proactive: focused on the present and the immediate future, responding to problems, providing only what was then presently required. Now, for the first time in history, humanity is confronted with potential events that are global in scope and too disastrous to allow happen. The only way to assure that these catastrophes do not transpire is to become different people with different tools. We must see ourselves and the world around us in fundamentally new ways and then approach our tasks with new, less intrusive tools.

There is a rapidly growing awareness that these are unique times - that global trends now in place will collide in the near future producing extreme uncertainty for humanity unless we quickly learn how to scan the horizon, see problems holistically and from a cultural perspective, choose the future we want, and move quickly in that direction. What is required is directed human cultural evolution moving us to a new level of awareness, with a new set of values.

Our Purpose

State-of-the-art new tools and theories can be brought together for the first time to provide some of the key requirements for encouraging large-scale social change both in terms of understanding human behavior and in anticipating potential futures.

The Center for Human Emergence will comprise a collection of functions – some of which represent profound breakthroughs in human knowledge and capability – which will, in concert, represent a potential watershed for our species. CHE will, as global cartographers, generate electronic maps designed to monitor the deepest level waves of chaos and order, change and stability, and progress and regression within our collective selves. CHE will be unique in that it will focus on the deeper codes that lie beneath our worldviews, belief systems, and behavior patterns.

By connecting individual projects, in an integrated center, many different groups working on aspects of the larger problems can be coordinated in a commitment to fundamental change.

Centers : Copenhagen and USA

Additional nodes for Phase One – London, Vancouver, Boulder, Singapore, Cape Town and Jerusalem.

“A new emergent ‘Turquoise’ worldview (see Spiral Dynamics Integral), the perspective on which CHE is conceptualized, could be summed up as including:

* A WholeView perspective, with the world perceived as a delicately balanced system of forces in jeopardy at humanity’s hands

* Self is part of a larger, conscious whole

* Emergent selfless motivation, in order that all can thrive

* Experiential ‘collective individualism’, blending and harmonizing

* Expanded mind capacity, deep intuition, consciousness

* Synergize, macromanage, and act together for significant, big picture impacts for the good of all

* Planetary concerns rank above narrow group interests

* An ordered world with new meanings – the synergy of all life forms and forces

* Organized as a holistic, unified organism

* Synthesis oriented”

- Dr. Don Beck



music - Stuart Davis
imagery - Alex Grey

direction/editing - ?

writing - ?

Video - Ken Wilber on Integral Religion/Spirituality

Wonderful and insightful, of course. I've been a student and fan of Ken Wilber for many years. I've been commenting in blogs and online news and opinion articles for years now, pointing to Ken Wilber and Spiral Dynamics to get the conversation away from the flatland understanding that almost always prevails when people in the mainstream media (or even the edge media) discuss religion and spirituality. Now I have an open source video to put on my blog to point to, not just a name to look up at Amazon.

One more point - because of the European dissociation (threw religion totally out in the 17th century) modern (rational) and post-modern (pluralistic) spirituality is more difficult to "find". I am going to research where the existential and post-existential spiritual thinkers line up here (I'm thinking of Barth and others) - I think the options of seeing peak experiences as only brain firings or ("well it's purely subjective") are anemic, and I think KW probably does too.

One more point: I'm "always" harping on this (well, sometimes strumming) - The War in Iraq is not only a religious ethnocentric war (it certainly is very much in its Shia-Sunni civil war aspect), but also very much an imperialist/economic war. (It may be an ethnocentric fundamentalist [regressive medieval] war for some Muslims and for the alarmlingly [according to more than one poll] large number in the U.S. population who are at a mythic-literalist view of the Bible/Christianity, and perhaps this is a part of "W", (Shrub, to you who demand more respect), but I don't see it in others in the administration or elite class, mostly, of course, I'm talking about the Cheney-Rummie-Carlyle Group neocon cabal, including Perle, Kristol, et al. The only "religious" motivation for the neo-cons is to protect Israel as a secular state not much religion there that I've found).

Very pointedly, see the post below - Naomi Klein - "The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism"

One of my hopes / projects is to put Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics Integral, Saving the planet environmentally, and Naomi Klein's macro-economic insights into political and economic equity and justice together in an integral, AQAL study/ group of studies in the future.

Second tier vision is about how we can achieve the healthiest, most equitable, win-win-win-win structures for all cultures on the planet as they live and progress along the Spiral of Development.

Interdependence and clarity (which is second tier and higher) are crucial in the leaders of the nations of the planet now. Who can doubt that?

from Already Perfect/nothingness thou art that Ground of Being to all that arises is perfectly void and full at the same time Ground of Being, i.e. along the always/already Kosmic Joke. Everything is "God" already, playing hide-and-seek with itSelf / ourSelf[ves]. Love and LoveLightLife is the "fuel" of all that is. It simply is the 'I AM THAT I AM" THAT IS ALL THAT IS AND IS NOT AT THE SAME TIME AND NEITHER. Fear is an illusion.

In practical terms, it's time to move to green and to yellow second tier. Orange pathological ''free market" capitalism is red greed in disguise and its carbon energy fuel is producing a planetary problem to say the least - time to move to an interdependent clean energy "fair" trade - full valued (not just military might and filthy lucre hoarding - we knew this in the 60s, but the reactionaries like Cheney and Reagan intervened) planet.

I like Blogs - they can be messy, and they're easy (should I say a bit lazy, in that one can ramble and not document one's positions, if one doesn't feel like it). Sometime, I'll write some disciplined papers ;-).

Live in the LoveLight. Let go of the contraction of your bodymind and realize that you are already living in it and ARE it. Amen. (That goes for me, too).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I very strongly urge you to read these two interviews of Naomi Klein (author of the new book "The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism") by John Cusak posted at huffpost - (and read the book) -

part 1 -

part 2 -

This is very important and quite brilliant in its analysis of what's been going on for the last 7 years (and longer) -

The book -

The Shock Doctrine by Alfonso Cuaron and Naomi Klein -

Friday, October 05, 2007

Caption this Picture!

Cate Blanchett and Anna Wintour recently at the premiere of The Great Elizabeth (2007) -

CAPTION THIS - either a description or thought "balloons" for one or both - or all of that - whatever you wish -