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Iraq - Integral musings and angry rants

The following is in dissent to the p.c. relativistic, developmental/holarch denying (level, hierarchy denying) flatland pluralism favored by progressives (although I don't know how anyone can say sectarian rivalry is preferable to republican tolerance, not to mention pluralistic democracy; instead, as a progressive, I propose a depth-based integral pluralism taken largely from Ken Wilber's integral ideas that recognizes levels of development without imperialistic intent or attitude. but to help the whole planetary community find the healthiest ways for multiple cultures and societies to grow and harmonize and cooperate in alleviating and healing planet wide critical issues, such as, obviously, global warming, and in facilitating the healthiest expressions of the spiral of development, wherever along particular countries/cultures/societies are:

See -

"Integral Spirituality" by Ken Wilber

I don't know if 90% of (the) Iraq(is) is(are) (collectively and leadership-wise) mentally, culturally, socially, developed enough, far enough along, at this point, enlightened enough, to be ABLE to agree on and live harmoniously in a pluralistic national democracy, i.e. rise above their sectarian level to a larger collective identity.

That is, to use Ken Wilber's designated levels, Saddam kept the country socially at the power gods/mythic levels; culturally that correlates in the social quadrant to feudal empires/early nations; they haven't even had an established time for the next level, the scientific-rational (culturally)/the corporate state (socially), much less develop to the pluralistic level of culture/social correlate-value communities (what true progressives are trying to grow and model now, i.e. green planetary information care/connected communities).

Saddam certainly retarded this growth with his Stalinist heavy oppression, which kept Iraq at a standstill as far as social and cultural growth. Because of that and other factors, Iraq may have to become three states based on ethnicity.

The M.I. BigOil BigMoney (led by the neo-cons) elite want(ed) a puppet Iraq to keep bases in and grab Iraq's considerable oil and have ways to control crucial pipelines serving Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Armenia, et al [the next big prize]), and to keep Russia and China (not to mention Iran) from getting much of it -- Cheney's big obsession for many many years. They ignored (were ignorant of) the cultural and social map-WITH-DEPTH of Iraq. Anyone who sees in depth saw the levels that Iraq was at and doubted whether a pluralistic democracy was feasible yet.

Now the BigOil/BigMoney elite is shocked that we couldn't puppet this one. They have short term memories (Vietnam) But they've made millions already. They just hope the world doesn't get too hot before they die, and can spend their millions and millions in plunder. They've helped us, to a large degree, endanger the Planet's well being, by purposefully retarding and blocking green solutions that enlightened people have wanted for 36 years.

Reactionary - if that's the definition of evil - they are it.

BTW - This has nothing to do with "terrorism" - that's always been a red herring, and in other ways too.


I don't think Iraq CAN be held together as one nation, now. It should be divided into three. Bushco will have to figure out (and are if you read the news) contingent ways to get their hands on th oil and gas there and on agreements that give BigWesternOilandM.I.monies pipeline rights of way in that region for other central Asia spoils.

Sadaam held together three "countries" by force. Now that he's gone, there's not the consciousness nor intent (enough) by the Iraqis to form one pluralistic nation. Give it up Bushco. You've done more than enough damage, there and here.

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