Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Birth of the Blues (Red/Greens, that is)

yeah pre and trans were confused in the hippie/peace/love/rockandroll/yuppie movement - I was in SF around then '69 - saw the schism and misunderstandings manifesting then there - many had gone to the country -

Sidebar: I actually hitched a ride to my flat on Fell St. on Stephen's bus - the whole group were going to The (legendary) Farm; Stephen Gaskin's current site apparently, that was the exodus I caught a ride on. They asked me, if I wanted to come. I did, but I said "no", out of fear and all my stuff was in my flat too lol - there was the question of homophobia even in higher-consciousness love groups like them - I was in a new David Bowie postmodern SF - good place (interesting) to come out in - gay lib was alive there then - just born -

We didn't call it pre/trans confusion, then - and rock and roll was right at the center of that - progressive rock was visionary, psychedelic, planetary visioning, ecological, postmodern - while the raunch and metal were reclaiming our cut off repressed by the European dissociation roots - the pre-rational lower chakras. Confusion ensued - I knew it at the time - and I was always calling for "discrimination" in thought - in separating the big mind larger inclusive AWARE art/culture/society/ devolved anti-intellectual regress to tribalism which were happy indulgences for a while for many since independent thinking is not required. That schizm - disease - in the spiral is a lot of what I'm reading in Ken's "Integral Spirituality" right now. I don't know why, but I'm jumping around; even though I know a lof of the material save the new, this is a book to be read cover to cover I think. More on this after I'm done cover to cover. (I'm going to blog about the Integral Institute - my impressions as a member (albeit a long-distance member via the net and snailmail. in the future.)

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