Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Two comments to the Marty Kaplan piece reprinting

People are definitely catching on, now.

I'm going to re-print two comments to the Kaplan post (SEE MY POST JUST BELOW THIS WITH LINK to Kaplan post at huffpo) made today -

this one from "Ludwiga" -

Bush cannot leave. He made such a mess out of Iraq that the departure of the American military will probably lead to a three way split. Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are going to take over the three parts. It will be the first time that the Middle East is going to be ruled by locals not by Europeans, Russians or Americans.
That is not in the oil interest of Bush/Cheney. Bush is so cornered, he is desperate. I am worried that he is going to attack Iran, just because he cannot solve Iraq.

By: Ludwiga on January 10, 2007 at 01:42am

and this strong comment (also to the Kaplan Post) by "sundialsvc4" -

If the truth be known .. and LET it be known, at last .. he only needs the idolum of "an Iraqi government" sufficient to execute an agreement that will hand 75% of the oil revenues of Iraq to American companies for the next 30 years!

A prize of war ... worth trillions of dollars.

A prize of war ... worth spening a trillion dollars to get (they also get to keep most of this money!); and a million American and Iraqi lives; and, this purely by accident and neglect, the City of New Orleans.

Realizing that their schemes are running out of time, and that Bush's (and Cheney's) own tenure in the office may soon come to an end, the oil-barons are dropping all pretenses and becoming ruthless. Proclamations are being issued trying to grab the Alaska oil-fields; troops are being deployed "anyway"; naval ships are being maneuvered into position.

The blinders are ripped away. The sheep's clothing, discarded. Gone are all pretenses of "representing the American people." Their strategems are, at long long last, exposed, but their venom is not yet spent. These men can still be very, very deadly.

By: sundialsvc4 on January 10, 2007 at 11:21am

Wow! Scary!--both of them!

America is waking up. from 100 yrs of oil dominance and dark deeds (I hope). Thank Spirit for blogs and the net.

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