Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Birth of the Blues (Red/Greens, that is)

yeah pre and trans were confused in the hippie/peace/love/rockandroll/yuppie movement - I was in SF around then '69 - saw the schism and misunderstandings manifesting then there - many had gone to the country -

Sidebar: I actually hitched a ride to my flat on Fell St. on Stephen's bus - the whole group were going to The (legendary) Farm; Stephen Gaskin's current site apparently, that was the exodus I caught a ride on. They asked me, if I wanted to come. I did, but I said "no", out of fear and all my stuff was in my flat too lol - there was the question of homophobia even in higher-consciousness love groups like them - I was in a new David Bowie postmodern SF - good place (interesting) to come out in - gay lib was alive there then - just born -

We didn't call it pre/trans confusion, then - and rock and roll was right at the center of that - progressive rock was visionary, psychedelic, planetary visioning, ecological, postmodern - while the raunch and metal were reclaiming our cut off repressed by the European dissociation roots - the pre-rational lower chakras. Confusion ensued - I knew it at the time - and I was always calling for "discrimination" in thought - in separating the big mind larger inclusive AWARE art/culture/society/ devolved anti-intellectual regress to tribalism which were happy indulgences for a while for many since independent thinking is not required. That schizm - disease - in the spiral is a lot of what I'm reading in Ken's "Integral Spirituality" right now. I don't know why, but I'm jumping around; even though I know a lof of the material save the new, this is a book to be read cover to cover I think. More on this after I'm done cover to cover. (I'm going to blog about the Integral Institute - my impressions as a member (albeit a long-distance member via the net and snailmail. in the future.)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Take Action - an important 30 second phone call you can make!

Ask Merrill Lynch to Stop Funding TXU

Texas utility company TXU hopes to build 11 new coal-fired power plants, but first it needs to raise $11 billion to finance the proposed plants. The Texas plants are part of a growth strategy that could make TXU the biggest single corporate greenhouse gas polluter in the United States.

Merrill Lynch is one of the banks helping TXU underwrite this project. We need you to call and tell them to stop helping TXU destroy our climate.

Call Merrill Lynch's Chief Executive Officer E. Stanley O'Neal and ask him to stop helping TXU build these dirty coal plants.

Link to phone number and message -

Ok - I admit that I rant....

40 Years of Mauna Loa CO2 Data from Keeling

BUT....anger at greed and ignorance is part of action - these guys ain't gonna give up power easily, but I'm encouraged that more large corps are beginning to address g.w. - just hope it's not spin and lip-service -

"This isn't a smoking gun; climate is a battalion of intergalactic smoking missiles." - article

I'm not putting all the blame here, but a a large enough chunk of it., that's for sure:

The same Big Oil&Gas, Big Money, Big Mil/Indust. elite plutocracy that has been screwing the country and the planet economically and with wars like Iraq, etc. etc., for the last 40 years and more (the CheneyBush gang are prominent players) has been suppressing and retarding awareness and solutions in clean sustainable technology, non-carbon based, non greenhouse gas emitting energy sources and systems, for the last 40+ years (and we've been aware of this problem for that long.)

The short sighted greedy carbon pirates have brought us to this crisis, imo.

One is always reading recommendations for impeachment of Bush at progressive sites, a sentiment I'm sympathetic to, so, I'd like to call them (given the problem has been evident since ecology and the postmodern era dawned in the late sixties - Traitors to the earth, not just to the U.S. - I'll give them only so much slack as head-in-the-sand ignorants, not much, given they are supposed to be the best and the brightest (we know Cheney is no genius) - - these latter day greedy myopic Neros wanted to fill their pockets, while the earth burned!

For this active suppression of awareness and solutions they might be happier in other fires in other realms.

If there were a Planetary court, they would be up for treason.

Thank you, you reactionary carbon pirates!




Friday, January 19, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Youtube vid - preview of "Dimming the Sun"

Preview vid of DIMMING THE SUN

I'm posting this (the preview is new) again; I feel awareness of this is so widely needed.

My first upload to youtube.

Another summary of the documentary -

NOVA special on a newly discovered factor that may mean we have much less time than previously thought to do anything about runaway global warming.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Juicy Satori?

Until I was musing off the cuff yesterday about the Hopper painting, I'd never seen "lush" and "Zen" together. It's somewhat of a miss-the-mark "diss" to the Spirit of Clear Light Void and Natural (with a capital "N") Zen, but I put them together, without deliberation in describing the Hopper, and I like the pairing as maybe a paradoxical trope for sensual pleasure in bliss. or just for a fun mindmovie"set" to co-create in if you're into living-art the art of living.

Besides, there is a lushness of sorts in the detail and exquisite clarity one can find in illumined nature (organic) and of course Nature (bigMind/bigSpace) in Zen.

Upward and onward not downward and backward

Sun in an Empty Room (1963) - Edward Hopper

Maybe not the preeminent symbol of the sun of Voltaire, (with its luminous and lush stillness it appoaches an American transrational Light perhaps zen, much further up the Spiral than reason), but I love this painting - just came across a net image of it - had never seen this Hopper - gorgeous!

The sun of the European enlightenment (the age of reason) -

One of my favorite quotes to use as a signature in my posts around the net is the following one from Ray Harris at a very good site - Frank Visser's "Integral World" site (a good companion one to Ken Wilber's site - and to Integral Institute site

(you can be the judge in the "shootout" scrap they got into there) -

"We are seeing a return of the tyranny of religion. We must complete the task of the Enlightenment for once and all. Only when the Enlightenment is firmly established can we shift upward to a greater vision of humanity." - Ray Harris

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just viewed a shocking, disturbing "NOVA" epiosde repeated here two nights ago, originally aired in April - missed it then - but I URGE all to view it and/or read transcript - "I think we have less than a decade to pass, what I call, the point of no return."

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Two comments to the Marty Kaplan piece reprinting

People are definitely catching on, now.

I'm going to re-print two comments to the Kaplan post (SEE MY POST JUST BELOW THIS WITH LINK to Kaplan post at huffpo) made today -

this one from "Ludwiga" -

Bush cannot leave. He made such a mess out of Iraq that the departure of the American military will probably lead to a three way split. Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are going to take over the three parts. It will be the first time that the Middle East is going to be ruled by locals not by Europeans, Russians or Americans.
That is not in the oil interest of Bush/Cheney. Bush is so cornered, he is desperate. I am worried that he is going to attack Iran, just because he cannot solve Iraq.

By: Ludwiga on January 10, 2007 at 01:42am

and this strong comment (also to the Kaplan Post) by "sundialsvc4" -

If the truth be known .. and LET it be known, at last .. he only needs the idolum of "an Iraqi government" sufficient to execute an agreement that will hand 75% of the oil revenues of Iraq to American companies for the next 30 years!

A prize of war ... worth trillions of dollars.

A prize of war ... worth spening a trillion dollars to get (they also get to keep most of this money!); and a million American and Iraqi lives; and, this purely by accident and neglect, the City of New Orleans.

Realizing that their schemes are running out of time, and that Bush's (and Cheney's) own tenure in the office may soon come to an end, the oil-barons are dropping all pretenses and becoming ruthless. Proclamations are being issued trying to grab the Alaska oil-fields; troops are being deployed "anyway"; naval ships are being maneuvered into position.

The blinders are ripped away. The sheep's clothing, discarded. Gone are all pretenses of "representing the American people." Their strategems are, at long long last, exposed, but their venom is not yet spent. These men can still be very, very deadly.

By: sundialsvc4 on January 10, 2007 at 11:21am

Wow! Scary!--both of them!

America is waking up. from 100 yrs of oil dominance and dark deeds (I hope). Thank Spirit for blogs and the net.

Many of us saw this in 2002 also - what a waste it's all been

.....except, of course for now super-rich the Defense Contractors and Big Oil Big Money elite....

post at huffpo, (especially to read today after Shrub's speech tonight) -

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

msg to Dems in Congress

That's right - it's our failing "takeover" of Iraq and installing a puppet gov't and permanet 'security" bases there ) is/has been almost all to do with an oil grab and a hegemony (powergrab) play in the region, and NOW with internet speed of info sharing, it's becoming transparently so, or at least translucently so, so that it's harder to hide those articles recently in The U.K. Independent and other voices exposing what's behind the curtain.

No blood sacrifice for the enrichment of a few oil-a-garchs and Halliburton huns. Their day has been with us for 100 years - time for them to quit and go away - the planet will not sink to black climate catastophe, while these reactionaries play with their zillions.

Dems join the green future - it's not kooky or avant garde, anymore, it's CRITICAL FOR ECOLOGICAL AND MORAL and plain SURVIVAL reasons, not to mention a saner more peaceful progressing Planet/culture/society/life for all of us and our children

The Carbon Age is the Dark Age (of profiteering and lies ,too) - now,
It must pass to The Clean Renewable Energy Age - damn the old carbon oligarchs for retarding this for the last 30+ years.

Dems - Withhold funds - do it!

"The Independent" (UK) articles re "Spoils of War" 010709

Causal-Overmind-Formless Liberation Ultraviolet holon(/level)-Pre/Non Dual-Ultimate Supermind Clear Light full relased wholeMindBody Enlightenment

"When I am not an object, I am God. When I seek an object, I cease to be God, and that castrophe can never be corrected by more searching for more objects. Rather, I can only rest as the Witness, which is already free of objects, free of time, and free of searching. When I am not an object, I am Spirit. When I rest as the free and formless Witness, I am with God right now, in this timeless and endless moment. I taste infinity and am drenched with fullness, precisely because I no longer seek, but simply rest as what I AM."

- Ken Wilber, "The Eye of Spirit" (1997)

Monday, January 08, 2007

I don't think is conspiracy-nutcase stuff, at all - I believe it

Since I discovered this page and author the other day from a link from another commenter at huffpo, I've been meaning to post the link here.

Must-reading IMO -

The New U.S. British Oil Imperialism by Norman D. Livergood -

link -

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Iraq - Integral musings and angry rants

The following is in dissent to the p.c. relativistic, developmental/holarch denying (level, hierarchy denying) flatland pluralism favored by progressives (although I don't know how anyone can say sectarian rivalry is preferable to republican tolerance, not to mention pluralistic democracy; instead, as a progressive, I propose a depth-based integral pluralism taken largely from Ken Wilber's integral ideas that recognizes levels of development without imperialistic intent or attitude. but to help the whole planetary community find the healthiest ways for multiple cultures and societies to grow and harmonize and cooperate in alleviating and healing planet wide critical issues, such as, obviously, global warming, and in facilitating the healthiest expressions of the spiral of development, wherever along particular countries/cultures/societies are:

See -

"Integral Spirituality" by Ken Wilber

I don't know if 90% of (the) Iraq(is) is(are) (collectively and leadership-wise) mentally, culturally, socially, developed enough, far enough along, at this point, enlightened enough, to be ABLE to agree on and live harmoniously in a pluralistic national democracy, i.e. rise above their sectarian level to a larger collective identity.

That is, to use Ken Wilber's designated levels, Saddam kept the country socially at the power gods/mythic levels; culturally that correlates in the social quadrant to feudal empires/early nations; they haven't even had an established time for the next level, the scientific-rational (culturally)/the corporate state (socially), much less develop to the pluralistic level of culture/social correlate-value communities (what true progressives are trying to grow and model now, i.e. green planetary information care/connected communities).

Saddam certainly retarded this growth with his Stalinist heavy oppression, which kept Iraq at a standstill as far as social and cultural growth. Because of that and other factors, Iraq may have to become three states based on ethnicity.

The M.I. BigOil BigMoney (led by the neo-cons) elite want(ed) a puppet Iraq to keep bases in and grab Iraq's considerable oil and have ways to control crucial pipelines serving Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Armenia, et al [the next big prize]), and to keep Russia and China (not to mention Iran) from getting much of it -- Cheney's big obsession for many many years. They ignored (were ignorant of) the cultural and social map-WITH-DEPTH of Iraq. Anyone who sees in depth saw the levels that Iraq was at and doubted whether a pluralistic democracy was feasible yet.

Now the BigOil/BigMoney elite is shocked that we couldn't puppet this one. They have short term memories (Vietnam) But they've made millions already. They just hope the world doesn't get too hot before they die, and can spend their millions and millions in plunder. They've helped us, to a large degree, endanger the Planet's well being, by purposefully retarding and blocking green solutions that enlightened people have wanted for 36 years.

Reactionary - if that's the definition of evil - they are it.

BTW - This has nothing to do with "terrorism" - that's always been a red herring, and in other ways too.


I don't think Iraq CAN be held together as one nation, now. It should be divided into three. Bushco will have to figure out (and are if you read the news) contingent ways to get their hands on th oil and gas there and on agreements that give BigWesternOilandM.I.monies pipeline rights of way in that region for other central Asia spoils.

Sadaam held together three "countries" by force. Now that he's gone, there's not the consciousness nor intent (enough) by the Iraqis to form one pluralistic nation. Give it up Bushco. You've done more than enough damage, there and here.