Friday, June 22, 2007

More Pompous Prose: Neo-hippie-new age

We're living in another Republican fueled Gilded Age plutocracy, when we should be living in a pluralistic integral beyond the small self (ego) mutually interdependent and interdependently caring planetary community or at least up to the level of green (environmental) prioritzation and re-enlargement of green values and priorities - aiming to renounce the isolated afraid contracted self - the harmony green flow gateway to the transpersonal.

Just because Ken Wilber said that transpersonal psychology is dead doesn't mean that it is, but if it is, the word still has tremendous value.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The pathological green level ceiling

As opposed to the healthy green level gateway to second tier -

Notes on contemporary culture -

Science fiction and myth (for instance on tv, the series "The 4400" and "Heroes") is in place of true transformed characters - transformed to trans-egoic big mind and big heart - instead we have super human heroes that are mythic which is actually a level down from modern real humanism. the pre-trans fallacy at work - there are not viable models of second-tier people, because of the rift of the European Dissociation. When we see contemporary realistic characters, we find the same alienation characterized the late modern period now with a large dose of narcissism brought in my the pathological (not healthy) postmodern era ("The Starter Wife" "Desperate Housewives" "Brothers and Sisters"). When I get well, I intend on writing stories of second tier characters.