Sunday, May 11, 2008

Things to do....

I suspect that Ken Wilber's AQAL theory and AQAL (Integral-AQAL) critical history provides a lot of the answers to these quandaries to be solved and to be worked on.

- How and why did the nascent green emergence of consciousness and behavior/structures get muddled and not succeed in blossoming from the mid-seventies until now (the late 00s)?

Some reasons: Pre-trans confusion was rampant in the late sixties and early seventies. As Wilber has stated, pre-cognitive feeling was confused with trans-cognitive feeling-attention vision, to cite one prominent example. The European unhealthy dissociation that occured during the 17-18th centuries Enlightenment threw the "baby" of the religious/Spiritual line out with the "bathwater" of dogmatic pre-rational myth. Another dissociation (another aspect of the same pathology) (and this may go back much farther than the European enlightenment period) was the dissociation of mind and body, rather than the healthy DIFFERENTIATION of (also science, art, religion, and government) of mind and body.

Rock is a good example - green and second tier rock were about re-integrating the body and feelings and transforming "upwards" to a new green and second-tier level of consciousness and manifestation - a lot of the psychedelic bands - The Airplane, The Beatles, The Dead, The Who, many others,

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