Monday, May 05, 2008

That's Entertainment - regressive city

"Iron Man" starring one of the smart actors of our time is off to an all-time smash hit success as of the end of this weekend. Marvel comics superhero tale has already taken in more than $200 million worldwide. They're planning "The Incredible Hulk" with another brainy actor, Edward Norton, soon.

Sad, that we are regressed to mythic-membership center in our entertainment - superhero mythic power gods - so regressed even from the fifties. God almighty! This is what Downey and Norton are up to? Well, I'm sure it pays well, and I guess they're like most of us nowadays - it's too late - the earth is gonna burn up and be miserable in 50 years, so take the money and run ????

So sad and pathetic! Let's all be 12 year olds again.

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