Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reply to Arianna Huffington's post re McCain and Women's Reproductive Rights

Believe me, being pro-birth control is an absolutely essential part of wanting to find solutions for the most urgent problem of our time, global warming. Becoming conscious stewards of our species' population on this planet is crucial to slowing down the need for and emissions of greenhouse gases, along with alleviating so many other ancillary problems. It's obvious to any thinking, moral person, not stuck (or hypocritically pretending to be stuck in medieval pre-rational thinking).

As for McCain's yelp of "No surrender!" today re the Iraqi War, I don't need to point out how absurd the whole premise of "winning" and "surrender" is re the war; I'd like to point out that this was the same language the war profiteers and others in the Johnson/Nixon admins. used re the Vietnam war. McSame is a dinosaur.

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