Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reply to David Sirota's column

Although I know there is still some bitterness about their putting Nader up for president in 2000 (and I was one of the bitter), The Green Party of America's platform and agenda is almost identical to progressives'.

I know it's a dream, but why not combine the greens with the PROGRESSIVE democrats, NOT the neo-liberal conservative triangulating ones?

I don't know how to facilitate this, but I wanted to put it out there for consideration.

The next level in consciousness and social structure from (and this is a Ken Wilber/Spiral Dynamics Integral concept) is

orange/corporate/competitive/independent/man vs nature/nationalistic

green/ cooperative (not corporate) business and social institutions/interdependent/man as part of and steward of nature/planetarisitc (planetary) (not a return to a blue dogmatic centralized socialism aka Marxism).

So, in a very profound way - progressive = green.

David, I hope your book tour is very successful; I recommend you to all my friends. Keep up your great work!

Don Harris

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