Wednesday, October 31, 2007

hidden message

1:44 AM 10/20/2007

any second-tier I do/am in will be able to view ALL parts of a situation
too see things from all points of view read

third tier sees things from NO point of view the

I don't know what fourth tier does but observe the arising and passing and rest in love-bliss ? book

11:58 PM 10/30/2007 "Big

The Holland Taylor-narrated "something trust" commercial (and having seen her act, am hoping that she stoops for cash here), is so emblamatic of the sour-egoism le sourgeousie? and contracted false = the status place to be has become - not enlightened
consolation-ville- well I didn't get the enlightenment, but I'm going to enjoy the best sensual diversions...boomers with their five homes and trust accounts and guarded communities and pretend you're happy suffocating but it's better than the regressed semi-tribal wild west out there guns and people without enough work.....tempers flaring with global heat - chaos and street justice or heavy law enforcement presence and incipient fascism - awful both - on the blend line as now I imagine for another 20 years - who knows? Heart,

****RE-WRITE ABOVE **** Big

It's all about getting dough and finding a most comfortable retreat to rest out the storm that seems to be the end of the boomer generation - the next 30 years or so, and the x'ers are getting the message and doing the same in their forties - and I guess everyone is scrambling or just has given uP? or down to a sour stressed level of a big mythic "community" church that's more like a country club for the nouveau upper middle with sadly not much choice to progress unless they come upon yoga and meditation. Mind".

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