Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pessimistic Tuesday night

The environment is tanking. Culprits: overpopulation, ignorance and greed. The average level of the planet is probably blue, more or less. The fact that the leading countries (Europe, Canada, and Aussie/NZ have done better), but the fact that the USA has regressed to pathological orange structurally (with plenty of path. red greed and path. imperalistic blue) and (pahtological?) or just low-level blue spiritually (I'd call it reaction since the 80s - reaction to postmodernism/the 60s) is a big factor. No leadership toward green and second-tier. Just greedy reaction.

I'm watching (parts of) CNN's "Planet in Peril". Pre-rational Chinese medicine is decimating endangered species including many higher mammals like bears and tigers. Pre-green industrialisation along with blue totalitarian anti-democratic government and corrupt orange economic structure is polluting China and the planet enormously. On and on....


"All of us are products of our environment" Anderson Cooper just said. Yes, and our envirnment is a "product" of us, also.

This new awarenewss of INTERdependence "uncoils", moves upward on the spiral, and awakens a new awareness and spirit of HOLISM that dramatically alters all our interactions: business/economic, artistic/interpersonal, conservationist/ecological, spiritual, inner/outer growth, loving energy replacing fear, -- I could go on - I've visualised it since 1969.

This simply can't be a first tier shit fo green from orange vMeme/levels, (which is) the traditional designation of environmental awareness.

It must be second tier (or yellow), because it recognizes the new tier of interdependence that is all-encompassing and that can see the first tier in all its levels.

I must be missing in my awareness/analysis some of the gradations in growth from green to yellow (first tier to second) - I know there's a quantum leap, also. I also know that I made that leap years ago, but haven't stayed there with all my lines certainly (and never got there with some of them, such as my 2nd chakra [sexual development]).

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