Monday, November 12, 2007

OIL - The outdated toxic but encouraged by retro-greedheads here fuel choking our culture/planet

The oil economy and the oil level of consciousness and the red meat smoking ignorant about diet and health orange fifties paranoid about Islamofascists a fake - a straw man they put up - have gotten very rich thru the OIL lately - D. is one of them. Oil is warming up the planet - it causes cancer - its distillates like benzene hanging over cancer alley in Louisiana under the trapped poor below.

Big shots mentality - 50s. The karma of OIL is bad. The face that Green can't wake up and tame big orange in China and India, and other growing giants (Russia, but that's a more contentious story) - is because green has not been allowed to bud in these reactionary necon ORANGE fat greedy stupid mfers out of CIA power oil imperialism - white men's burden - skull and bones - WASP superiority - elitism 50s - yech!

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