Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tragic irony of the day

Could there be a more tragic irony that the fast melting of the Arctic icecap is unleashing a race to grab all the oil beneath exacerbating global warming and turning the planet into a living hell even faster, by a planet stuck in (ok - unhealthy) orange, blue, and red?


I just went over to see what was up lately at "welcome to pottersville" blog. "On strike". Did JP get his knickers in a twist again, 'cause some progressive bigger-daddy blog rejecte another of his pieces? I wish he'd have more confidence in his abilities. I love reading and commenting at his blog. Hope he re-starts it. Maybe he's working on his novel, but "on strike" has the call of the wounded ego to it, unless there's a general intellectual strike against the coup I'm not aware of today.

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