Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Left, Right, and Upward Spiral Transformation

I have been proclaiming that progressives (the NEW NEW left) are more evolved than the right (either the religious wing [mythic level] or the Wall St. one [concrete rational self-interested competitive level]), and I still think that's true.

The commenter below stated that the right is concrete and the left is abstract. A child develops concrete-operational thinking (a level) (foundation below) before he/she develops conceptual thinking. Just so with showing that progressives are more evolved.

The old left was about how the environment determines equity, well being, justice or the lack thereof, while tending to diminish the importance of (the uniqueness of) the individual. The BEST of the right has been about how individuals' inner responsibility, values, and hard work determine happiness, well being, and justice (for one and all, ideally, -- [my ed.]: but not in practice, power-lust and greed tend to overwhelm the best intentions of good fellowship and just opportunity.

The new progressive synergizes both into a new tier that transcends and includes both aspects of ourselves.

It's really as simple as the progression of a single human being as he or she grows from dependence (the old Left) to independence (the best of the Right) to interdependence (uniqueness and universality, ego and transcendence of it) progressives as I denote them. A lot of people don't get this far, but the planet and the human experiment demands that we step UP to the interdependent "plane" sooner than later,as glaciers melt in the Himalayas and Greenland.

See last night's ABC News's special "Earth 2100" - global warming and the necessity of collective cooperative interdependent consciousness and action now.

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