Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Iranian Election

Quite probable fraud. Even though the rural less-educated population who are most likely at the same blue mythic-membership level (holon) that Ahmadinejad undoubtedly mostly voted for him, statistics show that when the absoulte number of voters is high, the more progressive (evolved)candidate wins, because there is more participation from the young and urban voters. It's probable that Ahmadinejad, who is orange-green won. I think Ahmadinejad's win a case of fraud, as do many others. Look at the percentages - they are absurd given the information we had before about the probable results. And, of course, look at the repression that is happening for protestors. Not that we didn't have two stolen elections in '00 and '04 (and, ok, Kennedy in '60).

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