Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Comments about left vs right, gay identity, enlightened leaders and more

Great reply "dakotawoman". The anecdotal (almost every gay or lesbian person I know says they feel/think that they were born this way) and emerging scientific evidence is that homosexuality is not a behavior, but an inborn constitutional trait, like eye color or skin color. This dissolves completely the uninformed argument of "Joanne38", who seems to argue that homosexuality is something that can be chosen or acquired. Full equal civil rights for LGBT are a win-win propostion, advancing society positively.

I am coming from Piaget, not biology, although both are involved and important. I think a lot of people get "stuck" at low levels of consciousness and unless they want to grow, they won't, but not that there is no hope for them. We are all one in Reality.

I agree that we want to choose leaders who have achieved and that means operate/live on the highest level of consciousness - the minimum level being n environmentally aware one which understands the finite nature of our resources on this planet and the urgent (Global Warming) need for cooperative, coordinated interdependent flexible (as you say, ability to go outside the box of FLATLAND) thought and action, and understands and apprehends the flow (and hopefully the levels of development around the world inside and out). We can even hope for even more enlightened leaders who understand that we are all one.

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