Friday, January 09, 2009

Blockade or let go of ego and then see?

Republicans like to live in their fairy-tale mythic live-by-the-rules conformity mythic/rational standards, good and bad people, and conformism level. Poor things, psychically. We need (or rather - that level IS), but we don't want people "stuck" there, dragging the Kosmic Joke load.


We need a new broad counterculture as was nascent infrom the mid-late sixties/(very early - until Nixon's '72 win) early seventies - a new counterculture (now more technically capable of networking and using the cybersphere integrally. Ken Wilber provides good maps, I think (and others do), but how to incorporate and heal and help move along) the large various groups "stuck" at pre-rational levels of development like too much of hip hop and virtually all of evangelical America and too much still lived in at the bottom range of "Financial" atheistic rational-Ayn Rand level only mid-rational level, financially narcissistic (consoling themselves for fear and sleeping with self-contraction), and decadent in quest for power brutal selfish on the brute pre-rational little tyrant shadowy paranoid while self-justifying RE (needle stuck" Needle stuck" (This is a recording - only standard voices will be heard) Republicans. It's time to reclaim organic principles - onlky way to COLLECTIVELY - and that quadrant has to be esteemed and realized again in a post-rational mystical way - communitarian trans-rational joy and commitment to co-create an evolved inner and outer enviroment within the Beast - resist corporatism and its lethal (in the long run for the wellbeing of (the Planet and its consciousness - us I am that I am always abides tho) plasticity.

The Kosmic Joke

Let Love Rule

Live in the Light

Crate new community again - use the net to transform and unify.

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