Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Raw thoughts unedited

We need trans-egoic leadership now more than ever. We're being led by people mostly (to different degrees) largely "stuck" in their egos - they don't want to/haven't evolved to that "level". They crave status, power, money, safety beliefs in having much much more than they need, and incomplete / sick self-esteems that "need" confirmation in status and material wealth and escape in sensuality.

Unfortunately, I believe that includes Obama, though I think he is closer to breaking through the "ego ceiling" than many, for one reason because, thankfully I imagine that even growing up now a guy of his age with superior intelligence has grown farther on the spiral of devlopment than I would have 10 years ago, but actually that's not true - I was higher because I was in the visionary late '60s early '70's sub-generation.

A close male relative of mine 20 years younger who is very bright was going to be a professor of art, but switched to law school and is a copyright lawyer now for big corporations, I believe, which I sort of understand, at least I understand the much more pay and opportunity angle, but he converted to Mormonism, which is mythic-membership, mythic/rational (borderline - "straddling"), at best.

Of course the choices on the Spiritual line for Westerners are New Age mishmash of religion and Spirituality, mythic Eastern religion, Eastern Spirituality, mythic Western religion, and little else - Integral Spirituality is in short shrift for the general populace, there are politically progressive rational Christian religious denominations but they are a small minority. My relative encountered the edge of secular culture, postmodern relativistic aperspectival pluralism, and, of course wasn't satisfied with the absurd+, in place of wholeness and Love and Light and Life.

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