Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Exploding the myth of "War Hero" McCain

I like what "BryklynLibrul" has to say at the yglesias page linked in the above post -

"Since the Wesley Clark episode I’ve wondered why the MSM has played along with the outrageous lies and smears, the stupid myths about McCain, the legitimization of Corsi, etc. And the only answer I can come up with is that they believe that a McCain victory is better for their careers, as it would preserve the status quo and show the uppity blogosphere Who’s Really Boss. Obama’s defeat defeats the blogosphere. And the Jake Tappers and the Charlie Gibsons and the Cokie Robertses love love love their careers above all else."

And this from dougR:

"When McCain reminds us all of his prisoner-of-war status, what he’s really saying is, YOU OWE ME, BUSTER–in effect, looking each and every American in the eye and saying no matter what, remember, YOU OWE ME. And the MSM is looking at each others’ flabby candy-asses and thinking, well, yeah, maybe we do. Maybe we should ennoble this guy, since he went somewhere we don’t know for sure we could hack.

I think that’s the sum total of it. And I think it’s about time Obama started sending out surrogates calling out McCain for deflecting tough questions he can’t answer by hiding behind his POW status. That, “my friends,” is actually a cowardly and ignoble tactic, and it’s become a tic of his. There’s nothing remotely heroic in the way he’s waging this campaign; just the opposite, in fact."

Why isn't anyone, any surrogate for the Obama campaign bringing up McCain's deep involvement in the Keating 5 Savings & Loan scandal of the 80s that cost the country billions?


Everyone - Please read this excellent exploding of the hero myth by Douglas Valentine - in the June 13-15 '08 edition of "Counterpunch" -


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