Friday, August 01, 2008

Conservatives and Liberals

I posted this at alternet in regard to a post about the shooter at the Universalist Unitarian church who was out to get liberals and gays for ruining the country:

I Know that Ken Wilber has stated that conservatives blame problems on individual responsibility (the inside) of people and culture and liberals blame the problems on the outside - unfair social structures and social/economic oppression (although liberals also blame problems on conservatives' GREED, very much an "inside" trait/problem), and that both responsibility and equal rights, fair distribution of opportunities/resources are to blame/are the answers, but I can't help but believe that progressives are more evolved than conservatives.

They [right-wing propagandists and corporate plutocrats] are at a lower level of consciousness and development than that of liberals, progressives, and greens. We progressives have to stop believing that ranking and holarchy (holistic hierarchy) is politically incorrect. This is a postmodern idea that has outlived its usefulness in deconstructing social darwinism and imperialism. The next move up the spiral is integral pluralism, beyond relativistic pluralism.

The right-wingers are hyper-individualists who have not arrived at a higher, bigger, deeper view of reality as interdependent (us with the environment, and each of us with each other.)


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