Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pigs at the Iraq war oil and defense related elite class blues

2:14 AM 4/23/2008

The Republicans have recruited a young Bob Redford clean-cut very good looking model like male Paris Hilton himbo to tout free market and no tax no regulation ideology. He must be a son of the rich or bought by them. This empty shell shills name is Reed - after his appearance on CNN was a snotty commercial for "Russell Investments" oh so daintily muted and tastefully quiet touting by Campbell Scott. Can the corporatoplutocratic big operators/outfits like TW/CNN live off of them - can our economy - ?? doubtful - they have wrung their own neck with their greed these last 7 years - Why didn't they rein in the neocons? Don't get it - except they must've been in on the big under examined profits from the war and have a great cache hidden away in foreign accounts now. But the people are angry and much more on to them now, thanks to the net and roots bloggers like myself.

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