Thursday, April 24, 2008

The error of relative pluralism is dooming the planet (among other factors)

The fact that most of the population including the

educated media does not (apparently) understand nor

acknowledge levels of awareness that are at play in all

of our politics and in our population is a huge error

that keeps the discourse chasing its tail in "Flatland"

(Ken Wilber's term) - (no depth). For instance, the evangelical Christians are at a lower, much more simplictic pre-rational level of awareness than rational atheists or pluralistic spiritual people, but the left is afraid to acknowledge that there are levels - each one more intelligent, comprehensive, and true that the ones below, because they are caught in relativistic pluralism, not integral pluralism. Ken Wilber is right that this (part of what he calls "Boomeritis") is a main contributor to our being "stuck" chasing our tails and not evolving (progressing) (in fact for the last seven years, reacting and going "backwards".)

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