Thursday, July 23, 2009

On postmodern law

To continue.....completely unedited (sorry - may spruce up later) -- --

Of course, I really should and will go research what others have written about Integral and postmodern law, especially at Integral research sites like Wilber's and Cohen's.

Off the cuff, I'd say that green law holon recognizes the untouchable, sacrosanct, in a sense nature of the Rational transformative orange European Enlightenment-informed principles of separation of church and state and full individual rights, but understands that with time, history, development, growth, regress, evolution, temporary devolution, progress, reaction, etc. the CONTEXT of those golden rules changes and so the Constitution can be applied to new situations and new agencies of consciousness (people and compassionately extending down, ultimately to rocks lol). Well, of course, an obvious example is Women's Suffrage, not achieved until 1920, and banning segregation by race in public schools, and public facilities, and on and on. Actually that's a modern/postmodern outlook. Anyone who thinks the Constitution is a dead document is a frozen amber level mythic/membership believer -- except that postmodern relativistic pluralism often is ill in-formed by pre-trans confusions and is arrested in its development to integral pluralism; this is a legitimate gripe by the right, and one that progressives need to address, and that includes all other distorted translations of that pathology (political correctness afraid of true holarchy, run amok).

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