Sunday, April 05, 2009

It's not going as well as I wish, to put it mildly

I'm more than slightly down at the moment. Eight years of terrible regression, destruction, waste and lost opportunity. And now, we find confimred that Obama is in with the old-thinking power-and-wealth seeking and hoarding plutocrats, even if he is in the "liberal" wing of it (Obama: "There is not point in looking back at the mistakes made"), the banksters have ruined the economy of the world for many, many years to come. Regressed mythically based cruel societies like many in the middle east, in Asia, elsewhere, including parts of our American population continue to thrive, species like bees and frogs, crucial to the biosphere (and in the case of bees, crucial to our food stupply of many fruits and some vegetables; in the case of frogs, crucial to finding amazing new chemicals on their skins to alleviate and potentially heal many human diseases) are being exterminated; population growth is soaring, global warming is reaching a tipping point alarmingly soon. Visionaries like me and others in the Whole Earth movement dating from the late sixties saw all of this - and the worst outcomes are coming true.

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