Sunday, March 22, 2009

Your comment saddens me

A particularly good comment imo from "Valkyrie607" in Paul Krugman's blog
"Despair Over Financial Policy" Mar 21 09 -

link here

Read the Krugman post first.

Here's my comment (it's awaiting moderation at the NYT currently (032209_0231H):

I saw this coming when he chose Geithner and Summers last November. I was hoping to be proved wrong, or at least wrong enough that there would be serious reform and re-regulation, certainly not the view that the current set-up is wonderfully sound (!). That’s cratering (or colluding) with the Wall St. rich special interests, to put it bluntly. Progressives and others unhappy with this state of events need to start putting pressure on the Administration. The last nation-wide right-left spectrum wide outrage at the AIG bonuses show that populism is growing and booming loudly. Let’s have progressive populist pressure for Obama and his treasury to change course.

— racetoinfinity


WOW! The following comment from 'bob paine' is blunt and I'm afraid it's what I've been thinking (except I haven't gone as far as to forecast very hard times)

  1. 186. March 21, 2009 5:46 pm Link

    TYhe President has completely surrounded and cushioned himself with the boys from Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

    These monsters are making themselves and their family and friends whole before everything falls completely apart.

    The idea that the President was for the common man or the little guy has been exposed as nothing but deceit.

    The time has arrived to prepare for very hard times.

    — bob paine

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