Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It should be over but.....

Obama seems to be surrounded by neo-liberals (Rubin et al) and seems to be right in the toxic neoliberal line, unfortunately -

13:21 10/12/2008

Robin Hanel, economist at American University:

"80 years ago people thought (unregulated) free market finance was dead. If the funeral had a name, it was Glass Steagall (the New Deal-era legislation that made banks choose between issuing mortgages and securities). In 1999 Phil Graham, Robert Rubin and Bill Clinton killed Glass Steagall, signaling the return and triumph of free market finance. Hopefully this crisis will kill free market finance once and for all. 'Never again' is the appropriate response."


02:16 10/15/2008


The neoliberalism of Friedman, Clinton, Rubin, Greenspan, Gramm, and Bush II has proven to be a bankrupt economic ideology and system.

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