Saturday, July 07, 2007

Watching "Live Earth" on tv notes

Melissa Ethridge - performing "I Believe" - see a video of it - she is 100% impassioned and backing it up with all her bodymind - as good, the good, true rockers do, - her message - she talks a message as part of the performance, or adds lyrics about change and transformation and healing now, and specifically about global warming.

She is dipping, coasting, and soraing into , pre- , modern, and trans- - it's the usual muddle that's unfortunate but the trans- asepcts are great. For instance, she said all these differences have opporessed us - we are all AMERICANS - that chauvinism is pre-pluralistic - but of coursethere is integral pluralistic that's the real vision. She also said "sexual preference" not orientation.

Her populism and emphasis on truth is good enough for me, now.


Watching Alicia Keys perform - some sentimentality from the low orange level - that's ok - but more sincerity in the high orange would be nice - it really depends on your kosmic address - Ken Wilber's system of mapping levels, etc. It sounds dry, but it's anything but...and Alicia is a near gem - very nice passionate warm voice - a solid B+. I can't help the critic in me - shoulda been one.


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