Thursday, June 07, 2007

The pathological green level ceiling

As opposed to the healthy green level gateway to second tier -

Notes on contemporary culture -

Science fiction and myth (for instance on tv, the series "The 4400" and "Heroes") is in place of true transformed characters - transformed to trans-egoic big mind and big heart - instead we have super human heroes that are mythic which is actually a level down from modern real humanism. the pre-trans fallacy at work - there are not viable models of second-tier people, because of the rift of the European Dissociation. When we see contemporary realistic characters, we find the same alienation characterized the late modern period now with a large dose of narcissism brought in my the pathological (not healthy) postmodern era ("The Starter Wife" "Desperate Housewives" "Brothers and Sisters"). When I get well, I intend on writing stories of second tier characters.

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