Friday, May 04, 2007

Glenn Greenwald and Al Gore

- Read Glenn Greenwald's terrific columns in "Salon" -
050207_The Right's Explicit and Candid Rejection of "The Rule of Law" and 050307_The Politco - Exhibit A For Our Broken Political Press. He nails the mainstream, inside the Beltway, and inside Big Corp MSM, as the lapdogs and superficial gossips they are. Very important columns, especially for the chilling calling out of Authoritarianism - see his May 2 column. I'm going to read The WSJ article to make sure he's accurate, and report back, but I doubt if I'll recant any of my comments here.

- More on Gore: The Larry King "50 Years of Pop Culture" special produced by CNN on tonight reminded me that Gore defended NAFTA to the death with Perot on King's show in '93, and, according to King, who may have some ego in this assertion (but still...) it turned public opinion around FOR NAFTA. Ugh! My estimation of Gore is falling, falling --- see post below (I've taken a month's hiatus).

Edwards is looking better and better to me, and I don't mean the haircut. I'm going to investigate the positions Gore and Edwards (although Gore isn't a candidate) and Clinton and Obama are taking about globalizaton and "free trade" and report back here soon.

This is a preliminary post to be edited, but I wanted to jot this down for whoever to see - that's what blogs are for.

My second comment (letter) to Greenwald's May 3 column in Salon:

Another thought about the vacuity of the chattering class ('journalists") now

Like the commenter on page 1 who cited Gatsby, I wonder if the well-paid journalists Greenwald describes are like a lot of the upper-middle and upper class professionals these days (I surmise). They see the world is getting terminally FUBAR (in their helpless-feeling estimation): global warming, terrorism, rise of regressive religion, the march of globalization generating an elite privleged class and impoverishing the vast majority, craziness on all sides and on all levels, and they think - It's every man (or woman) for him/herself. I'm going to play the game and move the fluff around, making sure I keep my job and invest wisely. Things are scary now - no time to stick your neck out. This cowardly response may be one reason we h

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