Saturday, March 17, 2007

A new verb is born....

On "The McLaughlin Report" tonight, they showed a list of countries that allow openly

gay people to serve in the military - most developed countries allow them,

including most of W. Europe and Israel.

Pat Buchanan (right wing Catholic that he be) called them

"'de-Christianized' countries"

What a hoot! Only in America.

This country (USA) is so (relative to other developed countries, of course) reactionary.


UPDATE - 032507
Well, I read that the Pope issued similar "warnings" about Europe (not about gays) but about Europe being too secular and "individualist", so I have to "blame" it more on Buchanan's right-wing Catholicism than on his "Amerikanism" although I think they're akin, of course.
(And yes, I think there is a healthy national pride and patriotism that 's important - I spell that with a "c".)

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